4.09.2013 Updates pending. Big things are happening. My creative partner, Luca Vitale, and I are making great progress on our short film and after much time and work a trailer is soon to come. I updated my resume with some more recent work from NYC and after a few spots get released I'll be able to update my reel as well. Last year was a little rocky but 2013 is off to a great start!

9.17.2012 -- New York
Finally at home and ready to work in my new city! I'm excited to be out on the east coast and work with all the studios out here. I'm more excited to finally get to finishing the short film I've been working on for 2 years now.
I added a modeling section to the website, the work is a bit dated at this point but does the job. Once work from the short is ready to be shown I'll have some newer and more interested models -- and animation -- to put up. Soon.
In the meantime I am available for freelance animation/art work, either in the NYC area or remote. Get in touch with me here.

Welcome to my new portfolio site! A bit of time off has given me a chance to dive into some html, get a better handle on the site, cut out the excess, make some long overdue redesigns, etc. Once I have a few more projects done I'll likely add an extended animation gallery, but for the moment I have a new reel up with some additions from the past year(s), hopefully to be updated soon with more interesting/newer work.
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